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September 3, 2022
What To Look For In A Contractor

The most essential factor in the quality of construction is the experience of your contractor. A homeowner's goal is to work with a builder that has experience with ADU's and Additions and is aware of any potential problems. Price should not be the only factor when looking for a contractor - A solid track record, […]

September 3, 2022
Why FAR Matters When Building An ADU

Anyone worried about the possible impact of zoning on an area should be aware of the Floor Area Ratio, also known as FAR. Shown as a decimal value, it is measured in order to restrict a building's size in accordance with the size of the lot on which it is situated. FAR is calculated by […]

August 26, 2022
Expediting Garage Conversions - Senate Bill 1069

Building an ADU in a garage is a fairly common and practical option to add living space to a home, a process known as "garage conversion." Because the entire structure is already there, garage conversion is a common method for creating ADUs because it doesn't require extensive construction work. A garage conversion ADU is an […]

August 25, 2022
Are ADU’s Rent Controlled?

Many people who construct ADUs reside in their primary residences. To assist paying off the ADU costs, homeowners may build ADUs they may live in while renting out their original residences. Homeowners who rent out single-family homes also construct ADUs on the property to rent out them as well, converting the lot into a multi-family […]

August 22, 2022
How An Unpermitted ADU Can Become Legalized

Many homeowners purchase their homes with an unpermitted ADU or addition. These were built in a time where having an unpermitted ADU, or UDU (Unpermitted Dwelling Unit) had more benefits than a legal ADU.There are now rules in place to support the construction of ADUs, therefore licensing your unit will be beneficial for numerous reasons. […]

August 19, 2022
What Assembly Bill 68 Means For Homeowners

California Assembly Bill 68 is a new bill that aims to promote the creation of more ADUs. This bill was signed due to the fact that ADUs have emerged as a crucial component of the effort to address California's affordable housing crisis over the past two years. Over the last few years, there has been […]

August 19, 2022
What Are The Current Southern California Real Estate Market Conditions?

The Southern California real estate market had a boom last year with a surge in home sales and prices. People were looking for spacious houses as they needed to work from home due to the pandemic, driving house sales. Another factor was the low-interest rates on mortgages which was helping buyers to save on monthly […]

August 16, 2022
How To Get Your ADU Permits Approved

ADUs, or accessory dwelling units, often referred to as granny flats, in-law units, backyard cottages, secondary units are a cutting-edge, cost-efficient, and effective way to create more housing in California. JADUs are an attached accessory structure such as a garage, or an existing residential unit. You, as the owner, must be living in the main […]

August 12, 2022
What Is A Design/Build Construction Firm?

The design-build construction delivery technique takes the place of the conventional method of awarding separate contracts for design and construction. Working as a cohesive team, the contractor, engineers, designers, subcontractors, and owner construct a project that meets or exceeds the owner's expectations. Essentially, from A-Z all the needs of a project are met by one […]

August 11, 2022
Why Value Engineering Is Essential To Efficient Construction

  The concept of value engineering was coined during World War II, when engineer Lawrence Miles and colleagues looked for alternatives for materials and components because there was a persistent shortage of them because of the war. It was frequently discovered that these alternatives reduced expenses and offered an equal or superior performance. During the […]

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