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Earthquake Retrofit

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Safeguard lives and your property while complying
with the city’s order to comply by taking care of both the Design & Construction of the retrofit with 1 company!
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Balcony Inspections & Repairs

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Keep tenants safe & comply with SB326 & SB721 before the 2025 deadline by getting your balconies inspected and repairing any damage they may have such as framing, railing & waterproofing!
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Structural Engineering Services

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Our in house team of engineers can take care of any structural engineering you may need for your project!
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ADU's &

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Take advantage of new ordinances & get an excellent return on investment.
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SKS Construction is a full-service design, engineering and construction company founded in 1987 in the City of Los Angeles, California by Sol K Shaolian (MS PE). SKS Construction is recognized as a leader in engineering and construction of Seismic Retrofitting, Balcony Inspections & Repair as well as Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). The SKS team is comprised of in-house engineers (including two of Sol’s own sons), licensed contractors, and experienced around the clock/full-time crews to attend to your every engineering and construction need.

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We build trust by producing quality and excellence through our commitment and professionalism. We build trust by our commitment to safety. After all, we’re dedicated to protecting lives and property.

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