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We welcome the opportunity to visit your project site and provide you with a free assessment, engineering analysis and proposal for a design-build package.


Our team of licensed engineers provide value engineering during the design phase up to securing permit and during the course of construction.


Upon securing building permit, SKS will construct the project per approved plans all the way through approval by the city.


What do Structural Engineers do?

Led by founder Sol Shaolian & sons, Shahab & Sam, SKS Construction offers a wealth of structural engineering experience in a variety of sectors. Our engineering experiences include multi-family, office, retail, commercial, warehouses, high end single-family residences and renovation/seismic retrofit. Having experience with construction gives our engineering team the advantage of incorporating constructability & value-engineering into our plans and designs.

Structural On-Site Evaluations

If your building shows signs of structural deterioration such as foundation cracks, you should have the damage professionally evaluated. Likewise, if you are planning to buy a building, it’s a good idea to confirm that it’s in good repair before you sign the check.

A licensed engineer’s structural on-site evaluation can put your mind at ease by assessing the condition of the building’s structural elements. The inspection typically comprises an assessment of the foundation, framing, shear walls, load-bearing walls, and the building’s envelope. Once the inspection is complete, you will get a report stating any issues and recommended next steps.

Structural Observations

At SKS Construction, we ensure that aside from the style and aesthetic appearance we give to you, we, more importantly, ensure that the designs are within the safety limits.

Pragmatic responses

Our clients’ businesses put great demands on their buildings, whether airport terminals, high-rise apartments or hospitals. We respond by improving the structural performance of our designs in ways that meet clients’ goals.

Continual improvement

By analyzing past solutions, and sharing experiences and skills, our structural engineers refine their ability to design stable, durable, elegant and economic buildings in all conditions. They also generate new ideas.

Discover how our team can help

You can access our structural engineering services by calling us today. We can help you explore new sources of inspiration and identify opportunities for growth.

Our Process

SKS Construction, being a one-stop, design-build company with in-house engineers and on-site contractors are able to fulfill all needs for a required retrofit! Our mission is to keep tenants happy and undisturbed, preserve the aesthetics and open space requirements of the building.

We are a family of licensed engineers and contractors, bonded and insured. 30 years now under the same company name and ownership, who have used our quality laborers to bring our designs to life! Construction Engineers allow for smooth progress and same day as-built upgrades as needed with the Soft-Story Retrofits. Ultimately, we invest more time in value engineering your design to assure the most constructible, effective and economical retrofit. ASK FOR A FREE INSPECTION AND ENGINEERING ANALYSIS TODAY!

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We build trust by producing quality and excellence through our commitment and professionalism. We build trust by our commitment to safety. After all, we’re dedicated to protecting lives and property.

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