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A Historic Preservation Overlay Zone, or HPOZ, is a zoning measure that safeguards and preserves communities made up of historically significant and architecturally noteworthy buildings. HPOZs, a sort of historic district, mainly protect communities with single-family homes. With this recognition, neighborhoods may protect the particular personality and aesthetics of their local areas, safeguarding the rich cultural and architectural heritage for upcoming generations.

A historic context statement and survey, which describes the historical, architectural, and cultural value of a neighborhood and identifies contributing and

non-contributing structures, must be prepared before an HPOZ may be designated. The first HPOZ in the city was Angelino Heights in 1983.

What Does This Mean For Homeowners?

Property taxes may be reduced by HPOZ classification. Homes in HPOZs that meet the requirements can apply for a state program (the Mills Act) that can lower property taxes by up to 50%. This may raise the property's value and save the owner money on taxes.

In Los Angeles, it is now simpler than ever to construct an ADU as of January 2020. The city's HPOZ (Historic Preservation Overlay Zone), usually referred to as the local historic districts,

are no exception. However, any property that has been recognized as a historic district is subject to additional review by the neighborhood historical committee, which makes sure that the planned building will not interfere with the neighborhood's historic character.

Additional parking is not necessary in HPOZ - in contrast to major cities. In Los Angeles, all attached and detached ADUs must have a side retain and rear setback of at least four feet; however, those in an HPOZ must also be six feet away from the main residence.

Some Of Los Angeles’ Most Popular HPOZ

Oxford Square Wilshire Park Windsor Village
Gregory Ain - Mar Vista Tract Banning Park Hancock Park
Vinegar Hill Hancock Park Harvard Heights Highland Park
Jefferson Park Lincoln Heights Miracle Mile Pico-Union
Spaulding Square University Park Balboa Van Nuys

How To Receive Permits For An ADU In An HPOZ

1 - Determine your property’s historical status using ZIMAS

2 - Review the HPOZ Preservation Plans in detail.

3 - Meet with a designer and architect to create plans for your future ADU.

4 - Submit the ADU application via the planning department's online application system.

5 - Receive your final approval and certificate of occupancy.

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