California Senate Bill 9 - What Every Homeowner Must Know


ADUs, or accessory dwelling units, often referred to as granny flats, in-law units, backyard cottages, secondary units are a cutting-edge, cost-efficient, and effective way to create more housing in California.

JADUs are an attached accessory structure such as a garage, or an existing residential unit. You, as the owner, must be living in the main house to be able to rent out the JADU.

The California Housing Opportunity and More Efficiency (HOME) Act is another name for SB9. In essence, the law is being enacted to address the homelessness situation in Los Angeles as well as the housing crisis in California. SB 9 effectively strips local governments of significant local control over real estate development in single-family zoning districts.

What Does This Mean?

The passing of SB9 makes it possible for a homeowner to split up a single-family home to make accommodations for a duplex, new ADUs, or JADUs. The major advantage of the law would be enabling a homeowner who has one primary

residence on a site to divide the lot and construct a second primary residence. Prior to SB9's passage, landowners were permitted to construct one home with both a JADU and an ADU. Therefore, one R1 single family residence can be transformed into a fourplex.

What Properties Are Eligible To Benefit From SB9?

Only properties in the R1 and OP1 zoning districts are eligible for SB9. Only single-family residential zones are affected by SB 9. You might be able to build numerous ADUs if the property currently is a multifamily residence.

Homeowners Are Not Eligible For SB9 If Their Property:

  1. Has a price-controlled unit already in place, such as a deed restriction or rent control.
  2. Is a certified historic resource or is situated in a historic district.
  3. Possess a history of recent (15-year) tenant evictions.
  4. More than 25% of the walls in the current construction will need to be taken down.
  5. Is situated in an area that is prone to hazards like earthquake faults, floodplains, or protected land.

How Does Senate Bill 9 Benefit Homeowners?

Property owners are now allowed to construct two residences, two ADUs, and two JADUs on a single parcel. In the past, it was possible to only build one ADU and one JADU on a single parcel. Many more homes will be built as a result, both in the Los Angeles region and throughout California. This effectively helps solve the California Housing Crisis, and makes it possible for homeowners to collect more passive income.

Double the properties, means double the passive income and SB 9 will give local communities the power to construct more middle-income housing, enabling more Californians to achieve their dream of becoming homeowners.

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