How A Garage Can Become Livable


The tremendous population rise in California has resulted in housing demand that is out of control. When you have a small amount of living space, suggestions for maximizing it become a crucial consideration. Converting your garage into living space adds roughly 600 square feet to your home (assuming it's a two-car garage) if you're searching for a means to increase its size without spending money on a substantial expansion. Your costs will be lower than they would be if you built an addition.

What Does A Garage Conversion Entail

  • Increasing the floor height so that the concrete slab can be insulated
  • Complete wall and ceiling insulation
  • Supplying the space with heating and cooling, either by connecting to the home's primary system or by installing a separate one.
  • An improvement to the electrical system to handle the increased load.
  • Installing fully insulated stud walls in place of garage doors
  • Installing windows and doors.

Benefits of A Garage Conversion ADU


Garage Conversions can be completed much quicker than ground-up ADU's because it may not be necessary to pour a foundation, frame the ADU, or replace the roof if your garage is in decent shape.

Tax Benefits Of A Garage Conversion

Your primary residence's tax basis is maintained when an ADU is built. Following construction, the ADU's value is assessed, and its property

tax is calculated using that value (not the cost of its construction). Your new property tax is based on a "blended assessment," which is the sum.

You'll pay less with a garage conversion than with a brand-new ADU. This is due to the fact that your main house and the garage's structure were both evaluated. The added value of your conversion, not the structure, will be assessed by the city. This is similar to what might occur during a kitchen renovation.

SKS Construction can assist in plan

check, permitting, and even build of your new ADU, making the process a

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