How Title 24 Impacts ADU Builders


The component of the California Energy Code that focuses on building energy standards is Title

  1. California was the first state in the US to mandate solar photovoltaic systems in order to advance sustainability, boost energy efficiency, protect environmental quality, and offer consumers financial savings. New construction, expansions, repairs, and renovations to residential and commercial property structures must have a solar energy system to offset the electrical consumption in order to comply with these energy efficiency criteria. This affects homeowners because any application for an ADU permit must now contain a Title 24 calculation in addition to site plans, evaluations, and design in order to satisfy the Title 24 state requirement.

The purpose of California's energy code is to decrease unnecessary and wasteful energy use in newly constructed buildings. Californians have been mandated to adhere to the energy efficiency criteria since 1978. Every three years, the California Energy Commission modifies the construction codes with input from the general public. Lighting, water heating, insulation, windows, HVAC, and roofing are examples of elements that are frequently installed during residential construction and are referred to as T-24 by contractors, architects, and inspectors.

Title 24 Requirements For ADU’s

The requirement that all lights be LED and T24 compliant, which means that no screw-based light bulbs are allowed in any new residential building, is one of the largest modifications to the 2022 Title 24 regulations.

Solar panels are just another requirement that Title 24 is attempting to impose, as the state is pressing all new construction to be waste-free and self-sustaining.

Due to the fact that all new ADUs will have a kitchen or kitchenette, they will all need to pass a Kitchen Range Hood field test. An ADU must have the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Kitchen Range Hood checked by a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) technician.

Title 24’s Net-Zero Electricity Guidelines

Every city establishes its own rules, but generally speaking, net-zero electricity aims to limit the use of carbon-based fossil fuels by making up for the energy we use with a source that can produce electricity. This means that the total annual energy use of the structure must roughly match the annual production of renewable energy on the property. Fortunately, it is not yet necessary to use net-zero electricity. As of 2022, the recommendation is to construct a modest solar array on your new structure

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