How To Get Your ADU Permits Approved


ADUs, or accessory dwelling units, often referred to as granny flats, in-law units, backyard cottages, secondary units are a cutting-edge, cost-efficient, and effective way to create more housing in California. JADUs are an attached accessory structure such as a garage, or an existing residential unit. You, as the owner, must be living in the main house to be able to rent out the JADU.

When beginning the ADU building process, the first step is finalizing your plans. This must be completed before the building process begins. There are typically numerous permits that must be approved before your new ADU is finalized. The most significant permit is the building permit, as it will include all the ADU regulations that your city has put in place, such as those that regard size, height, and

features. You must be aware of the homeowner association's (HOA) policies regarding your ADU if your home is subject to their authority. If your city has zoning regulations, you must have also submitted an application for zoning.

Applying for an ADU Permit Involves

  1. Have Documentation, Such As Floor Plans and Architectural Drawings.
  2. Apply For The Permits
  3. Review the Permits and Receive Approval
  4. Begin Construction

Other necessary permits include building, electrical, location, and address assignment. The most important permit is a building permit, which effectively gives you permission from your neighborhood to construct the ADU. The size, height, and other ADU-related restrictions imposed by your city will be listed in the building permit. The electrical permit will specify how much power is needed for your ADU and where it will come from. You may need a location permit depending on where you intend to build your ADU. You would want a location permit, for instance, if you were in a geohazard zone, landslide zone, or even a coastline zone. To ensure that your primary residence and ADU have separate addresses, you must submit an address assignment request.

Due to the Standardized Plans Program, The LADBS website has pre approved plans that are easier to get approved. Plans are created by privately qualified architects and engineers to take into account different site conditions. The Building, Residential, and Green Code compliance of the plans is then examined and pre-approved by LADBS. The LADBS staff will examine site-specific aspects of your property, such as compliance with the Zoning Code and foundation standards, when the applicant chooses an authorized Standard Plan.

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