Maximizing Cost Recovery: Navigating LA's Seismic Retrofit Cost Recovery Program


In the dynamic landscape of Los Angeles, where seismic activity is a constant consideration, ensuring the safety and resilience of buildings is paramount. To aid homeowners in this endeavor, the city introduced the Seismic Retrofit Cost Recovery Program, offering financial assistance to offset the expenses of retrofitting. Our construction company is dedicated to assisting homeowners in navigating this program effectively, maximizing their cost recovery potential, and ensuring the structural integrity of their properties.

Understanding the Seismic Retrofit Cost Recovery Program:

The Seismic Retrofit Cost Recovery Program, implemented on February 12, 2016, provides homeowners with a means to recover a portion of their retrofitting expenses. Key aspects of the program include:

  • A temporary rent surcharge to tenants based on a pass-through of up to 50% of total seismic retrofit costs, if approved by the Los Angeles Housing Department (LAHD).
  • A maximum rent increase of $38 per month for 120 months, with the recovery period extendable until the full approved amount is collected.

Recovering Seismic Retrofit Costs:

Homeowners seeking to recover seismic retrofit costs through the program must follow specific steps:

Application Submission:

    • Utilize the Cost Recovery Seismic Retrofit Work online application, which applies the relevant formula and completes the necessary calculations.
    • Upload any supporting documentation to the online application. Any documents unable to be uploaded should be mailed to the Department (P.O. Box 57398, Los Angeles, CA 90057-0398) within 30 days of submitting the application.
    • Ensure that applications are submitted within 12 months of completing the retrofit work.

Required Documentation:

    • Include the following items with the application:
      • Copy of the current Registration Statement (Certificate).
      • Copy of the Tenant Habitability Plan (THP) and Declaration of Service.
      • Documentation supporting the costs, such as contracts, invoices, proof of payment, etc.
      • Rent roll containing tenants' move-in dates and current rents.
      • Final permits for work requiring a permit.
      • Copy of the Certificate of Compliance for the Seismic Retrofit Work.

Navigating the Process with SKS Construction:

SKS Construction specializes in guiding homeowners through the Seismic Retrofit Cost Recovery Program, offering comprehensive support at every stage:

  • Expert Guidance: Our experienced team provides personalized guidance on the application process, ensuring homeowners maximize their cost recovery potential.
  • Administrative Assistance: We handle the administrative back-and-forth with the city for the cost recovery program, provided the construction is done by us as well.
  • Transparent Communication: We maintain open communication channels, addressing any concerns and providing clarity on regulations and procedures.
  • Efficient Project Management: With streamlined project management strategies, we minimize disruptions and ensure timely compliance with retrofitting deadlines.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: From initial assessment to completion of retrofit work, we offer tailored solutions to meet each property's unique needs.

By partnering with SKS Construction, homeowners can navigate the Seismic Retrofit Cost Recovery Program with confidence, knowing they have a dedicated team of experts supporting them every step of the way. Together, we can fortify properties against seismic risks and build a safer, more resilient Los Angeles. With our administrative support and construction expertise, homeowners can focus on the safety and longevity of their properties, while we handle the intricate details of the cost recovery process.

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