Steps Before Beginning An ADU Project


Before starting your ADU project, make sure you are confident in your design as well as contractor. Some people construct ADU’s to use as family homes, while others construct them so they can receive monthly passive income. Your home's value will unquestionably increase with an ADU. The extra money you receive each month in rent is great, but the long-term financial advantages of having an ADU constructed on your property are much better. ADU’s can be built in single family residences or multifamily apartment buildings.

How To Start Your ADU In 2022

1. Check Your Local Zoning Regulations

Before beginning to construct an ADU, make sure you

are aware of the neighborhood's zoning regulations.

Some communities ask that residents obtain permits

before beginning construction. For information on the

necessary permits and the procedures to be followed in

order to obtain them, gain insight about the local


2. Create A Plan and Budget

Building an ADU requires careful planning. Before you start the construction process, be sure that all of your funds are in order. You don't want to start constructing and then run out of money before finishing. Poor

financial planning is the main reason for ADU project stalls. A proper plan with value-engineered permits will not only simplify the building process for you and the contractor, but it will also reduce the cost of your project. Make sure you are well-read on different options to finance your ADU, as well as any loans or grants that may supplement the budget.

  1. Choosing A Trustable Contractor

Your project's success or failure will largely be in part to your contractor. You are sure to be dissatisfied if you hire someone who has no experience creating ADUs. Select a highly skilled

and experienced contractor. Additionally, the contractor needs to be licensed and knowledgeable about the most recent ADU construction techniques.

The most essential factor in the quality of construction is the experience of your contractor. A homeowner's goal is to work with a builder that has experience with ADU's and Additions and is aware of any potential problems. Price should not be the only factor when looking for a contractor - A solid track record, expertise in the field, and efficiency are all key points to look for.

SKS Construction can assist in plan check, permitting, and even build of your new ADU, making the process a breeze.

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