The Process Of A Soft-Story Retrofit


A magnitude-6.7 earthquake rocked Northridge on January 17, 1994, this showed that due to the likelihood of earthquakes, thousands of

buildings in Los Angeles suffer from a fundamental structural weakness. Large, unreinforced spaces on the ground floors as well as the soft-story buildings' usual wood-frame structure make them particularly vulnerable.

These buildings got their name because their first stories are substantially less stiff than the stories above. In residential and commercial structures, these openings frequently allow parking spaces, huge windows, and spacious lobbies.

Only 800 of Los Angeles' 20,000 soft-story structures, according to research by the California Institute of Technology, had been

retrofitted. By incorporating the structural elements required for buildings to remain standing after an earthquake, soft-story seismic retrofitting corrects these shortcomings.

Steps Of A Soft-Story Retrofit

  1. Examining the foundation to decide how to strengthen the building.
  2. Prepare as-built plans, carry out engineering calculations, and finish a design that satisfies the requirements of the specific building and is both effective and constructible.
  3. Plans have been accepted, and permits are prepared.
  4. Beginning with securing the permit and posting notices to every renter, the Tenant Habitability Plan procedure will be initiated.
  5. The last phase is to finish the full building project when all the inspections, blueprints, and procedures have been completed.

California Prop 13

The California Revenue and Taxation Code offers a seismic retrofit exemption! The market value of any incremental improvements or additions to your property would be added to your overall property assessment under California

Proposition 13. Buildings that undergo seismic strengthening construction may be exempt from evaluation.

The Most Earthquake-Vulnerable Buildings

  1. Consist of two or more stories built of wood.
  2. Built in accordance with building regulations in effect prior to January 1, 1978
  3. Contains parking on the ground level or other equivalent open space

Buildings with three or less residential units do not need to be retrofitted.

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