What Are The Advantages of California Senate Bill 10?


With the passing of Senate Bill 10, residential housing will never be the same. The primary home, a full-size ADU, and an attached junior ADU were the only three homes that may be built by a homeowner on a plot of land prior to the adoption of SB 9, but now it is possible to build 2 homes, 2 ADUs, and 2 JADUs on one lot. This bill was carefully crafted by lawmakers to prevent corporate developers from acquiring numerous lots at once and drastically altering the neighborhood.

One requirement of SB10 is that a property lot may only be divided once, and the divisions must be roughly equal, as well as a statement from the owner that they will live in one of the ADUs or homes for at least three years. If a neighboring property has already been divided, the owner is not permitted to divide their own lot.

SB 10 differs significantly from SB 9 in that it gives local governments the option to rezone neighborhoods for higher housing concentrations. If passed, SB 10 would not be subject to review under the California Environmental Quality Act and would permit up to 10 units per lot. Only plots in densely populated regions or those close to effective public transit with lots of employment would be eligible.

Why SB10 Will Benefit Homeowners

When Senate Bill 10 passes, up to two JADUs and ADUs may be built on a lot; these units do not count toward the maximum ten units. SB10 will effectively help solve the California Housing Crisis by creating more housing supply in the market. As a homeowner, building these new units produces an asset that will lead to passive income being generated.

How Long Until SB10 Is Fully Passed?

Governor Newsom enacted SB 9 and SB 10 on

September 16, 2021. Both legislation will have a significant impact on Los Angeles' and the state's heritage conservation initiatives. The bill is in effect from January 1st, 2022. For any parcel of land that is situated in

transit-rich areas and urban infill sites, SB 10 establishes a voluntary process for local governments to adopt ordinances before January 1, 2029.

What Is The SB10 Application Process?

Step 1 - Confirm eligibility checklists to qualify for governmental review.

Step 2 - Send the application packet along with all the necessary paperwork, data, and project plans so that city staff can evaluate your proposal.

Step 3 - Within 30 days of receiving an application, the City will decide if it is complete

and eligible, and within 60 days of the application's completion decision, city administration will announce whether the application has been approved or denied. Step 4 - Once the project is reviewed, building and encroachment permits are awarded.

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