Why We Use The Borescope Method For Balcony Inspections



California law requires that specific balconies be inspected everywhere. The primary distinction between the two laws is that SB326 relates to condominium owners while SB721 applies to apartment owners.

Senate Bill 721, which is applicable to structures with three or more linked units, was enacted in 2018 and is now codified as Section 17973 of the California Health and Safety Code. Sen. Bill 326 regards condominium associations with three or more linked units are impacted by the 2019 law, Section 5551 of the California Civil Code. The wood frame components supporting balconies, decks, elevated walks, and landings must be inspected in accordance with both laws.

SKS Construction’s Borescope Method

The borescope is used because it is the least invasive technique to open the wood to check for dry rot. The benefit of using a borescope is that only tiny, easily patchable holes are bored into the stucco. However, the scope occasionally has trouble detecting indications of water intrusion and framing damage.

With little to no damage being done to the actual balconies or walkways, SKS Construction saves the clients time and money.

Inspectors are permitted to check load-bearing components using the least invasive technique required, such as visual observation in conjunction

with moisture meters, borescopes, and infrared technology. Opening the underside of balconies so an


inspector can observe the structural components is frequently the preferred course of action. In accordance with the specific project and the state of the structures, some inspectors employ both inspection techniques.

Why SB721 and SB326 Require Balcony Inspections

The main reason balconies must be inspected is for dry rot. Dry rot causes structures to fail and the wood to decay. But, the phrase "dry rot" is inaccurate. When wood is dry, it does not rot. Moisture is necessary for fungus to feed on wood and cause deterioration. Wood's strength comes from its cellulosecontent. The cellulose that the fungi eat causes the wood to deteriorate. If not repaired correctly, these balconies can fracture and collapse, leading to serious injury of citizens.

SKS Construction offers a wide variety of services to help with the restoration of the damaged elevated exterior parts. SKS Construction will be able to examine

the majority of the structural integrity of the current building utilizing non-destructive inspection methods.

Some sections that will need to be exposed for additional inspection will, as needed, be covered and accessible for subsequent inspections. SKS Construction can provide an amount of repair if preliminary examinations discover problems that endanger the building's structural stability.

Make Sure Your Building is SB721 and SB326 Compliant

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