Are ADU’s Rent Controlled?


Many people who construct ADUs reside in their primary residences. To assist paying off the ADU costs, homeowners may build ADUs they may live in while renting out their original residences. Homeowners who rent out single-family homes also construct ADUs on the property to rent out them as well, converting the lot into a multi-family building, since California encourages it.

Once the land has been converted to multifamily housing, the primary residence may be subject to tenant protections such as caps on rent increases and eviction limitations. You might also need to register your rental property, report vacancies, and pay fees if you are in a region with a local rent control.

The location of the ADU also matters when rent control is involved. Assembly Bill 1482, which addresses rent control and tenant protection, was adopted in California in 2019. The areas of California covered by this law that do not have municipal rent stabilization ordinances include Torrance, Pasadena, Long Beach, and Lancaster.

What is AB 1482?

According to Assembly Bill 1482, landlords are

permitted to increase rents annually by 5% in addition to the metropolitan area's inflation rate. But no matter how high inflation is, they are only allowed to increase rents by a maximum of 10%. This restriction only applies to buildings that are 15 years or older, and it lasts until 2030, thus any new units constructed now are not subject to its provisions.

Not all residential structures are covered by AB 1482. Apartments and multi-family structures with two or more units are impacted by the bill, but single-family homes, owner-occupied duplexes, and condominiums are excluded, unless

they are held by companies or LLCs in which at least one member is a corporation.

As long as the home is 15 years old or older and is situated on the same lot as an ADU, the rent cap is applicable. Even if your primary residence is more than 15 years old and you decide to rent it out while building a new ADU, AB 1482 regulations still apply.

According to AB 1482, landlords may continue to evict renters for the following reasons: failure to pay rent, a violation of a lease condition, refusal to

consent to a signed lease extension or renewal, Subletting or assigning without the owner's permission, refusal to let the owner into the apartment, the owner planning on residing in the apartment with their family, or The owner intends to make significant renovations.

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