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May 16, 2024
Ensuring a Smooth Balcony Inspection: 5 Vital Considerations

Whether you're a property owner, manager, or resident, ensuring the safety and integrity of your balconies is paramount. Balcony inspections play a crucial role in identifying potential hazards and maintaining the structural soundness of your building. However, before diving into an inspection, it's essential to consider several key factors to ensure a seamless and effective […]

May 11, 2024
Mastering Construction Cost Management: A Comprehensive Guide

Welcome to our blog dedicated to mastering construction cost management! In the world of construction, managing costs effectively is paramount to the success of any project. From the initial planning stages to project completion, every decision made can impact the overall cost and profitability. In this guide, we'll delve into the intricacies of construction cost […]

May 2, 2024
Unlocking Safety: The Vital Role of Non-Destructive Inspection in Balcony Assessments

Balconies are cherished spaces, offering a breath of fresh air and a private retreat amidst urban landscapes. However, ensuring their safety and structural integrity is paramount, especially in densely populated areas where balcony collapses can have devastating consequences. In this blog, we delve into the importance of Non-Destructive Inspection (NDI) in balcony assessments, highlighting its […]

April 25, 2024
Maximizing Cost Recovery: Navigating LA's Seismic Retrofit Cost Recovery Program

In the dynamic landscape of Los Angeles, where seismic activity is a constant consideration, ensuring the safety and resilience of buildings is paramount. To aid homeowners in this endeavor, the city introduced the Seismic Retrofit Cost Recovery Program, offering financial assistance to offset the expenses of retrofitting. Our construction company is dedicated to assisting homeowners […]

April 19, 2024
The Vital Importance of Sheet Metal Flashing in Construction: A Testament to SKS Construction’s Excellence

 In the realm of construction, where every detail counts and durability is paramount, sheet metal flashing emerges as a silent hero. Often overlooked by the untrained eye, sheet metal flashing plays a critical role in safeguarding buildings against the elements, ensuring longevity, and maintaining structural integrity. HOW SKS CONSTRUCTION WORK: Among the myriad of construction […]

April 12, 2024
Unlocking Homeownership: AB 1033 Paves the Way for ADU Condo Sales

In 2023, California took a monumental step in tackling its housing crisis with the passage of Assembly Bill 1033 (AB 1033). This legislation introduces a groundbreaking approach to Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) by allowing them to be sold as individual condominiums, offering a promising solution to housing shortages and empowering homeowners financially. Here's a comprehensive […]

April 3, 2024
Understanding SB 326: Navigating the Ins and Outs of the HOA Balcony Law

Living in a community governed by a Homeowners Association (HOA) often comes with a set of rules and regulations designed to maintain property values and ensure the harmonious coexistence of residents. In California, Senate Bill 326 (SB 326), also known as the HOA Balcony Law, has emerged as a significant piece of legislation impacting the […]

March 22, 2024
Ensuring Seismic Safety: Culver City Soft-Story Retrofit Program

Ensuring Seismic Safety: Culver City's Soft Story Retrofit Program Culver City, nestled within the vibrant landscape of Los Angeles County, pulsates with energy and creativity. Yet, beneath its bustling streets lies a silent threat – the ever-present risk of earthquakes. Recognizing the urgency of fortifying its structures against seismic hazards, Culver City has embarked on […]

March 14, 2024
SKS Construction Tips on Balcony & Exterior Walkway Longevity

Your balcony and exterior walkways are essential parts of your home, providing outdoor space for relaxation and enjoyment. However, to ensure their longevity and structural integrity, proper maintenance and construction are crucial. At SKS Construction, we understand the importance of preserving these areas, and we've compiled some valuable tips to help you achieve just that. […]

March 8, 2024
Essential Balcony Inspections: A Comprehensive Guide for LA County

Welcome to our blog, where we dive into the crucial aspects of balcony inspection in Los Angeles County. Whether you're a homeowner, property manager, or inspector, understanding the key considerations for balcony safety is essential for maintaining a secure and enjoyable outdoor space. Let's explore the essentials of balcony inspection in LA County. Ensuring Balcony […]

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