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February 2, 2023
The Process of a Balcony Inspection

Balconies are an important feature of many buildings, providing additional living space and a place to enjoy the outdoors. However, balconies can also pose a risk to building occupants if they are not properly maintained or are in poor condition. That's why it's important to have a balcony inspected regularly to ensure its safety and […]

February 2, 2023
How long does a seismic retrofitting take?

Seismic retrofitting is a process that involves upgrading the structural integrity of a building to make it more resistant to earthquakes. The process is an important safety measure for building owners, as it helps to reduce the risk of damage or collapse during a seismic event. However, many building owners are curious about how long […]

January 22, 2023
What is the New West Hollywood ADU Height Extension?

What is the New West Hollywood ADU Height Extension? The city of West Hollywood has recently approved an extension to their Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) program, allowing for more residents to build secondary living spaces on their properties. The new extension to the ADU program in West Hollywood allows for more flexibility in the types […]

January 4, 2023
What Must A Balcony Inspection Cover?

A balcony inspection is an important aspect of maintaining the safety and integrity of a building. It is essential to have regular inspections of balconies to ensure they are in good condition and to identify any potential issues that may need to be addressed. There are several key areas that should be covered during a […]

December 19, 2022
What if I did not receive a notice from the City but I think I have a Soft Story building?

If you think you may have a soft story building but have not received a notice from the city, it is important to take action and determine whether or not your building is, in fact, a soft story building. A soft story building is a type of building that has a weak or vulnerable ground […]

December 9, 2022
What Permits Do You Need To Build An ADU?

One of the most challenging parts of establishing an ADU is getting permits. It can be overwhelming to determine whether limitations and rules are relevant to your location. The laws and norms governing ADUs are improving all the time. Six bills that make it simpler for California homeowners to construct an ADU on their property […]

November 29, 2022
How Can An ADU Be Beneficial For The Future?

How can an ADU be beneficial for the future? These compact areas, known as Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), are incredibly practical, cozy, and convenient if you need more space but don't want to move entirely to a new location. Here are a few good reasons to add an ADU to your home if you've been […]

November 23, 2022
How We Can Exempt a Soft Story Retrofit

An apartment with tuck-under parking is an example of a soft story building, which is a multi-story building with a first floor that is significantly less rigid (soft) than the floors above. Due to unreinforced openings on the ground floor that produced considerably more movement than the soft story building could handle, the upper floors […]

November 11, 2022
Soft Story Retrofitting Isn't Just Recommended, It’s the Law.

Los Angeles passed a law requiring the retrofit of soft stories in November 2015. Depending on the structure's number of stories and housing units, the city determined which buildings were the most at risk and issued rolling orders to comply. A structure with a weak first floor frequently has a garage, a wide overhang or […]

November 11, 2022
How Can a Balcony Inspection Save a Life?

Concrete balconies can tragically collapse, despite the fact that they shouldn't. Over time, balconies can rot or even develop termite damage. California law now mandates inspections of balconies and "exterior elevated elements" on multifamily structures. Our Professional evaluations include: Exterior staircases Walkway lengths Quantity of balconies A balcony collapse can put a life at risk. […]

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