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November 11, 2022
Soft Story Retrofitting Isn't Just Recommended, It’s the Law.

Los Angeles passed a law requiring the retrofit of soft stories in November 2015. Depending on the structure's number of stories and housing units, the city determined which buildings were the most at risk and issued rolling orders to comply. A structure with a weak first floor frequently has a garage, a wide overhang or […]

November 11, 2022
How Can a Balcony Inspection Save a Life?

Concrete balconies can tragically collapse, despite the fact that they shouldn't. Over time, balconies can rot or even develop termite damage. California law now mandates inspections of balconies and "exterior elevated elements" on multifamily structures. Our Professional evaluations include: Exterior staircases Walkway lengths Quantity of balconies A balcony collapse can put a life at risk. […]

November 11, 2022
How Can ADU’s Increase My Income?

ADU’s (Accessory Dwelling Units) are a residential unit that adds to the usable area of a property and has its own door, kitchen, and bathroom. An ADU may occasionally stand alone from the primary residence on the land; in other instances, they may be attached yet have their own outside entrances. Some houses may allow […]

October 22, 2022
What Is California’s New Retrofit Grant

Thousands of residential homes and buildings in Los Angeles suffer from a fundamental structural weakness. Large, unreinforced spaces on the ground floors as well as the wood-frame structure make them particularly vulnerable. A new Retrofit Grant, known as the Earthquake Brace and Bolt Grant, is being issued by the state for residential home foundational bolting. […]

October 22, 2022
What Does A Balcony Inspection Consist of?

Before January 1, 2025, property owners must finish their initial SB-721 and SB-326 inspections. Building owners are required to participate in follow-up inspections under SB-721 every six years after the original inspection. When SKS Construction does an SB-326 or SB-721 inspection, we follow a step-by-step procedure to provide a thorough, trustworthy examination. Balconies, support rails, […]

September 14, 2022
Why We Use The Borescope Method For Balcony Inspections

  California law requires that specific balconies be inspected everywhere. The primary distinction between the two laws is that SB326 relates to condominium owners while SB721 applies to apartment owners. Senate Bill 721, which is applicable to structures with three or more linked units, was enacted in 2018 and is now codified as Section 17973 […]

September 14, 2022
How A Garage Can Become Livable

The tremendous population rise in California has resulted in housing demand that is out of control. When you have a small amount of living space, suggestions for maximizing it become a crucial consideration. Converting your garage into living space adds roughly 600 square feet to your home (assuming it's a two-car garage) if you're searching […]

September 14, 2022
Tuck-Under Parking ADU’s

How SKS Construction is Adding Units To Multifamily Properties You've probably heard about seismic retrofitting by now if you own a multifamily building in California. Numerous Northern and Southern California towns have created required regulations requiring seismic retrofitting of the building's vulnerable portions in specific multi-family structures with tuck-under parking, especially Los Angeles and San […]

September 9, 2022
How Section 8 Can Benefit ADU Builders?

The Housing Choice Voucher Program, which is supported by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, is sometimes known as "Section 8". The main federal program for helping very low-income families, the elderly, and the disabled afford quality, safe, and hygienic housing in the private sector is the housing choice voucher program. Participants are […]

September 8, 2022
The Process Of A Soft-Story Retrofit

A magnitude-6.7 earthquake rocked Northridge on January 17, 1994, this showed that due to the likelihood of earthquakes, thousands of buildings in Los Angeles suffer from a fundamental structural weakness. Large, unreinforced spaces on the ground floors as well as the soft-story buildings' usual wood-frame structure make them particularly vulnerable. These buildings got their name […]

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