Seismic Retrofitting 2024 Deadline: What Building Owners Need to Know


If you own a building, it is essential to be aware of the upcoming seismic retrofitting 2024 deadline. In 2015, the City of Los Angeles passed the Ordinance 183893, mandating mandatory retrofitting of buildings with certain types of structural weaknesses that can cause catastrophic damage during an earthquake. The deadline for compliance with this ordinance is coming up soon, and building owners who have not yet started the process need to act quickly to avoid penalties and potential damage to their properties and occupants.

What is Seismic Retrofitting?

Seismic retrofitting is a process of strengthening buildings' foundations and structures to improve their resistance to earthquakes. Building codes have been revised over the years to include seismic safety provisions, but older buildings constructed before these codes came into effect may not meet the current standards. Seismic retrofitting involves identifying and reinforcing weak points in a building to ensure it can withstand seismic activity without collapsing or causing severe damage.

Seismic Retrofitting Ordinance 183893

The Seismic Retrofitting Ordinance 183893 applies to buildings in the City of Los Angeles that were built before 1980 and have the following characteristics:

  • Two or more stories with wood frame construction
  • Three or more stories with non-ductile concrete construction
  • Tilt-up concrete construction with a flexible diaphragm roof

Owners of these buildings are required to retrofit their structures to meet the standards set by the ordinance. The deadline for compliance is in September of 2024. Failure to comply with the ordinance could result in penalties and fines.

Steps to Seismic Retrofitting:

The seismic retrofitting process involves several steps, including:

  1. Building Assessment: A structural engineer will inspect the building and identify any weaknesses that need to be addressed.
  2. Retrofitting Plan: Based on the assessment, the engineer will create a plan for retrofitting the building to meet the ordinance's requirements.
  3. Permitting: Building owners must obtain the necessary permits from the city before starting work.
  4. Construction: The retrofitting process can take several months to complete, depending on the building's size and complexity.
  5. Inspection: Once the retrofitting is complete, a final inspection will be conducted to ensure that the building meets the ordinance's requirements.

Costs of Seismic Retrofitting

The costs of seismic retrofitting vary depending on the building's size and complexity. Building owners should budget for the costs of assessment, design, permitting, and construction. However, it is important to note that the costs of retrofitting are much lower than the potential costs of damage or loss of life in the event of an earthquake.

The seismic retrofitting 2024 deadline is approaching, and building owners must take action to ensure their structures meet the ordinance's requirements. Failure to comply could result in penalties and fines, and most importantly, put occupants' lives at risk. Building owners should consult with a structural engineer at SKS Construction to assess their buildings and create a retrofitting plan. With proper planning and execution, building owners can improve their buildings' seismic safety and protect their investments for years to come.

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