What if I did not receive a notice from the City but I think I have a Soft Story building?


If you think you may have a soft story building but have not received a notice from the city, it is important to take action and determine whether or not your building is, in fact, a soft story building.

A soft story building is a type of building that has a weak or vulnerable ground floor, often because it has large windows, wide doors, or parking spaces on the ground level. These types of buildings can be vulnerable to damage during earthquakes and other natural disasters, which is why many cities have regulations in place requiring owners of soft story buildings to make necessary renovations to improve their safety.

If you are unsure whether or not your building is a soft story building, there are a few steps you can take:

  1. First, you can contact your local building department to inquire about the regulations in your area and whether or not your building is required to undergo renovations to improve its safety.
  2. You can also speak with our licensed engineers who can assess your building and determine whether or not it is a soft story building.

In addition to making your building safer, a soft story retrofit can also help to protect your personal belongings and valuable possessions. During an earthquake, objects on the ground floor are at risk of being damaged or even destroyed. By strengthening the ground floor, you can help to prevent this damage and keep your belongings safe.

Furthermore, a soft story retrofit can also help to protect your building from other types of damage. For example, strong winds or heavy rain can cause a building's ground floor to become unstable, putting the entire structure at risk. By strengthening the ground floor, you can help to make your building more resistant to these types of hazards.

Some common questions that people have about soft story retrofits:

What is involved in the retrofit process?

This typically involves reinforcing the building's foundation and adding structural support to the building's first floor and walls to prevent them from collapsing during an earthquake. The exact details of the retrofit process will depend on the specific building and its current condition

Are there any financial incentives or assistance available for building owners to help with the cost of a retrofit?

Yes, there are many financial incentives and assistance programs available to help building owners cover the cost of retrofitting their buildings. These programs can vary depending on the

location and type of building, but they may include tax credits, grants, low-interest loans, and other forms of financial assistance.

What are the potential risks of not completing a required soft story retrofit?

The potential risks of not completing a required soft story retrofit include increased likelihood of collapse or other damage to the building during an earthquake, which could put the occupants of the building at risk of injury or death. Failure to complete a required retrofit may also result in financial penalties or other legal consequences.

If your building is determined to be a soft story building, it is important to take action as soon as possible. In many cases, cities will require you to make necessary renovations within a certain time frame in order to improve the safety of your building. These renovations can include adding shear walls or other structural elements to the ground floor of your building, as well as reinforcing the foundation and other key elements.

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