What is the New West Hollywood ADU Height Extension?


What is the new West Hollywood ADU extension?

The city of West Hollywood has recently approved an extension to their Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) program, allowing for more residents to build secondary living spaces on their properties.

The new extension to the ADU program in West Hollywood allows for more flexibility in the types of ADUs that can be built. Prior to the extension, ADUs were limited to being built within the main house or in an existing garage. Now, ADUs can be built as separate structures on the property, such as a detached guest house or a converted shed.

Q: What was the previous maximum height limit for ADUs in West Hollywood?

A: 16 feet.

Q: What is the new maximum height limit for ADUs in West Hollywood?

A: 18 feet

This change is expected to increase the number of ADUs in the city and can provide more options for residents to design their ADUs to meet their specific needs and preferences. Additionally, the new extension also allows for ADUs to be built on properties zoned for commercial or mixed-use, providing more opportunities for property owners to utilize their land.

The additional height will provide more room for bedrooms, bathrooms, and storage, making the units more livable and functional. It will also allow for creative design options, such as high ceilings and skylights, which can improve the overall aesthetic of the ADU.

The extension also includes a reduction of fees and streamlined permit process, which will make it easier and more affordable for residents to build ADUs.

In conclusion, West Hollywood's new ADU extension program is a positive step towards addressing the housing crisis by providing more options for residents and property owners. It allows for more flexibility in the types of ADUs that can be built, and makes the process of building an ADU more affordable and accessible.

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