What Assembly Bill 68 Means For Homeowners


California Assembly Bill 68 is a new bill that aims to promote the creation of more ADUs. This bill was signed due to the fact that ADUs have emerged as a crucial component of the effort to address California's affordable housing crisis over the past two years. Over the last few years, there has been a notable increase from the California government to build more affordable housing. In fact, ADUs have accounted for about 20% of all housing permits since 2018. Essentially, AB68 was developed to make building permitted ADUs a breeze.

What Are The Benefits Of AB68

AB68 reduces a lot of the regulations involved in obtaining the permits to construct an ADU. Previously, cities had 120 days to

consider an ADU permit application. That period has now been shortened to only 60 days. Your local government cannot take more than two months to decide whether to approve your application for a permit to construct an ADU. Additionally, the new rule does not allow cities to add more stringent regulations than those set forth by the state. Parking rules would be one example of this.

If an ADU also meets all necessary setbacks and is under 750 square feet, the permits

will not have impact fees incurred. Duplex buildings are also eligible to take advantage of the ADU opportunity under AB 68. Now, multi-family unit owners are allowed to construct up to two separate, unattached granny flats on their land in addition to numerous additional ADUs inside the bounds of their current structure (think JADUs).

Quick Facts About AB68

  • Cities cannot mandate that the owner reside on the property for ADUs approved by 2025.
  • ADUs can be built concurrently with primary residences without requiring further hearings.
  • To enable the legalization of an unpermitted ADU, a city or county must put off enforcing its code.
  • ADU development must be permitted by single-family HOAs, provided that reasonable conditions are met.
  • A two-bedroom ADU can not have a maximum size under 1,000 square feet.
  • No setback requirements for conversions/replacements of existing legal structures
  • Multifamily buildings may add new units by creating them inside of non-living areas already present in the building (such as basements, garages, and storage areas), with one new internal unit permitted for every four existing units.
  • Multifamily buildings may add up to two new detached dwellings with 4-foot side/rear setbacks and a maximum height of 16 feet.

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