California Senate Bill 8 - Streamlining New Housing


The Housing Crisis Act of 2019's provisions are extended through 2030 by Senate Bill 8, which was signed into law by California Governor Gavin Newsom. This streamlines the process of building new homes around the state. As part of a bundle of laws intended to increase the amount of new housing units in California, Governor Newsom signed SB 8 into law. This collection includes SB8, SB9, and SB10, all made to help curb the California housing crisis.

What Is SB8 For California?

SB 8 forbids the approval of any proposed housing development project on a property that will need to demolish existing dwelling units or occupied or vacant units. The proposed housing development projects should have a minimum number of residential housing units equal to the highest number of units on the project site within the last five years.

The proposed home development project should also include the replacement of all existing or demolished "Protected Units." Residential dwellings that were built within five years are considered Protected Units.

What Are The Benefits Of SB8?

Sen. Skinner's ground-breaking legislation, SB 330, commonly known as the Housing Crisis Act of 2019, was followed up by SB 8. Even during the Covid-19 outbreak, SB 330's implementation accelerated California's housing market. The provisions of SB330 are extended by SB8 until 2030.

This bill was passed by Senator Nancy Skinner to make it easier for property owners to develop more units on their land. Regarding the bill, she said, ”SB 8, ensures that California’s local governments can’t just say ‘no’ or add unnecessary delays to housing that already meets local rules.” Her quote on the matter shows her dedication to solving the housing crisis.

For homeowners, this means that it will now be easier to build multifamily properties and add units to residences.

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