How Can a Balcony Inspection Save a Life?


Concrete balconies can tragically collapse, despite the fact that they shouldn't. Over time, balconies can rot or even develop termite damage. California law now mandates inspections of balconies and "exterior elevated elements" on multifamily structures.

Our Professional evaluations include:

  • Exterior staircases
  • Walkway lengths
  • Quantity of balconies

A balcony collapse can put a life at risk. Fungus and moisture interact together to generate rot, and over time, the fungus will infect and degrade wood, resulting in significant damage. Peeling paint or stains on your balcony are among the most typical indications of termite damage. If termites are not controlled, they can lead to great structural damage because they enjoy devouring wood. It's crucial to have your balcony inspected for termite damage if you see any stains or peeling paint.

California law requires that specific balconies be inspected everywhere. SB326 relates to condominium owners while SB721 applies to apartment owners. Senate Bill 721, which is applicable to structures with three or more linked units, was enacted in 2018 and is now codified as Section 17973 of the California Health and Safety Code. Sen. Bill 326 regards condominium associations with three or more linked units are impacted by the 2019 law. The wood frame components supporting balconies, decks, elevated walks, and landings must be inspected in accordance with both laws.

Steps of a Balcony Inspection:

  • A free, no-obligation consultation
  • Proposal for the BI
  • We use a non destructive exploratory borescope.
  • We will provide a report of a breakdown of the necessary non-emergency repairs as well as the estimated service life and performance of your EEEs (Exterior Elevated Elements).

Termite colonies are active around-the-clock, and unless there are overt indications of an infestation, a colony may go undetected until significant harm has been done. They eat things made of cellulose, such as wood, books, boxes, furniture, and drywall.

SKS construction can provide supervision and coordination for city inspections to be included in the scope of work. We can supply and install siding at the balcony railing as required and waterproofing for the balcony.

The law requires an inspection of all EEEs to be completed by January 1, 2025, and every 9 years thereafter. With our inspection, we install vents for an easy to open and smooth inspection after those every 9 years. With the deadline coming up, the benefits to start now rather than later are to be able to get an estimate to get the job done or to know how much to save before 2025.

We use non-destructive methods to describe the condition of the balcony. Our design and build team will come up with an efficient solution to repair damages as well as a free, no obligation consultation.

Common Questions:

When is the inspection deadline? The first inspection must be finished by the end of 2024, and is required to be completed every 6 years after that. The inspector must certify the written report.

What is inspected? 15% of all components, including decks, balconies, walkways, outdoor staircases, and the connections between them and the building, must be inspected.

What are the signs of balcony damage? Older buildings, missing concrete, rust, and rot.

Who can perform this SB-721 inspection? Our in-house designers, licensed contractors, and experienced engineers.

Does the inspection lead to destruction? No, we use a borescope which is more efficient and leads to less destruction. The borescope inspects the inside of the structure through a small hole to allow for visual assistance.

How much does a balcony inspection cost? In the end, the inspection method helps to identify how much a balcony inspection will cost. The visual assisted borescope, one of our non-destructive technologies, is the most cost-effective examination technique.

It's crucial for property owners to adhere to the laws while also protecting their investment. SKS Construction provides reasonable pricing and a flexible schedule. To arrange your inspection and obtain a peace of mind.

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