Tuck-Under Parking ADU’s


How SKS Construction is Adding Units To Multifamily Properties

You've probably heard about seismic retrofitting by now if you own a multifamily building in California. Numerous Northern and Southern California towns have created required regulations requiring seismic retrofitting of the building's vulnerable portions in specific multi-family structures with tuck-under parking, especially Los Angeles and San Francisco. These locations have this designation due to historical collapse and damage from significant earthquakes.

In combination with Soft-Story Retrofits, SKS Construction is now building tuck-under-parking

ADU’s. For Multifamily ADUs, we handle both the engineering/architecture and construction. Instead, combine your ADU construction needs with your retrofitting requirements to earn a monthly return on your investment. If your building is less than half a mile from public transportation, such as a bus stop, there is no need to replace parking.

How Retrofitted Buildings Can Benefit From ADU’s

Seismic retrofitting involves structurally altering soft-story buildings with a variety of materials, such as steel columns, frames, and/or sheer walls, to strengthen the building's stability, particularly in the tuck-under, vulnerable regions. Additionally, the foundation is worked on, and fresh concrete is poured within to incorporate the new steel. Each of these new additions helps to strengthen the building's façade. Even if your structure has weathered earthquakes in the past, hidden damage may have developed over time in addition to normal wear and tear.

A full-service design/build,

In Los Angeles, ADUs are a practical and cost-efficient option to build more housing while also increasing revenue. Now that the new ADU framework is available, engineers and architects may create designs that take your city's refit needs into account. This enables you to fulfill your seismic retrofitting obligations while simultaneously developing new rental properties!

Why Is Los Angeles Encouraging ADU’s?

In order to boost the supply of affordable housing for renters, California has established new regulations easing the development and permitting of ADUs in multi-family structures (AB-881, AB-68, SB-13). The garage and tuck-under parking areas are frequently the best locations for an ADU (Garage Conversion). As it does not necessitate the separate purchase of new land, significant infrastructure, elevators, or other components that go into the construction of a new building, this is an excellent choice for creating additional housing.

The ADUs need to meet the minimum size requirements of 150 SF and maximum sizes of 850 SF for a one-bedroom unit and 1,000 SF for a two-bedroom unit. ADUs may be up to 1,200 SF in jurisdictions where the state statute has not been modified.

SKS Construction can assist in plan check, permitting, and even build of

your new ADU, making the process a breeze.

engineering, and construction firm, SKS Construction was established in Los Angeles,

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